About Us

Hindsight is 20/20

Pop culture provides the background of our lives. Did you miss the pop culture of the last part of the 20th Century ? Do you miss the pop culture of last part of the 20th Century? As a rule, in your head, is it still the late 20th Century? Do you love pop culture from the 70s, 80s, and 90s? So do we. In a word, welcome.

collage of 90 shit
Grunge, flannel, sex scandals, boy bands…the 90s did not disappoint.

With the vast quantity of entertainment available for 1970-2000, who has time to consume it all? We do. From the era defining TV shows and beloved classics, to the train wrecks that only lasted one season or even just a few episodes. We listen to all the music, from icons to one hit wonders. We watch all the movies, everything from the great movies like The Goonies, the terrible movies like Blind Date, and the movies so terrible they crossed the line to awesome, like The Pirate Movie.

collage of 80s shit
You can’t explain the 80s pop culture without sounding crazy. You just had to be there.

As soon as we figure out what we are doing, new content with be added regularly. Eventually on this site, you will find television and movie recaps, music reviews, lists, quizzes, and trivia focusing on American pop culture trends from 1970-2000.

Fuel shortages, political scandals, disco, Jimmy Carter. The 70s were a wild ride.

We’re just two lifelong best friends who live far apart and watch unholy amounts of old TV shows and movies. Our pets are lazy and refuse to participate. As a result, we foisted these ramblings on the internet. In conclusion, we are not professional anythings. This is not a professional website. We are morons fumbling our way through life with all the lessons we learned from the electronic babysitter. Read the shit or don’t. We don’t really care.